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cgiComments on Tripod

Chronicling the installation of cgiComments on a Tripod hosted blog

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Monday, January 21, 2002
How to install cgiComments on a Tripod blog in several fairly easy steps:

  • Download cgiComments v2.0
  • Unzip the files
  • Edit cgicomments.cgi in a text editor

    • Change line 29 from my($comment_directory) = '/home/EDITME/HERE'; to my($comment_directory) = '/comments';

  • Connect to Tripod with an ftp client
  • Create a directory named comments inside the cgi-bin directory
  • Upload all the cgiComments files except readme.txt and gpl.txt to the cgi-bin directory (not the comments directory)
  • Add the two sections of script from readme.txt to your Blogger template, changing to
  • Discover that Tripod reports "insecure dependency in open" even when everything has been untainted, and give up.