Blogger tools, fixes, and help

This site used to contain my addons and fixes for Blogger powered blogs. The tools have moved to my server, but this page remains, mostly out of sentiment.

Archive scripts

The archive scripts are a collection of javascripts that convert Blogger's ugly 01/01/1980 - 01/07/1980 style of archive links to things like January 1980 or 1.1.1980 - 7.1.1980.

If you include your archive links in the main page with javascript, you might prefer using my archive script generator, which will let you create a customized script from a number of date styles and link styles.

FAQ blogs

My Unofficial Blogger FAQ blog has answers to most of the common questions about Blogger, and my Unofficial Blogger Pro FAQ covers some of the questions specific to Blogger Pro. Things that don't quite fit in either one often end up in my bloggertech blog, or sometimes in my main blog.

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